The Thirteen Realms are the functioning dimensions that can be accessed on Earth. All are variations of  Earth, or wherever the reader calls planet. Magic is real.


Beings able to use magic, as well as magical beings (there is difference), exist in all of the realms. Both magical beings and users draw power from ley lines. The amount of power they can draw is directly related to their proximity to the line or juncture.

Welcome to Realms 101


I have an eager assistant with time on her tiny little hands and the ability to move freely through the realms.

Although the Thirteen Realms are dimensional variations of  Earth, they have some rather distinct differences. For example in eleven of the realms imps are, more or less small, lesser goblin types.  In two of the realms, the Fifth and Seventh,  magical beings referred to as imps are closer to that of elves. These imps only average 5 feet tall but have twice the strength and speed of normal high-elves.


If you are interested the best way to learn about the various realms is to experience them yourselves and enjoy the adventure.

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