Welcome to the Ninth Realm

A young but very capable NAW, Aubrey, lives here.


Her personal suite is composed of several rooms located on the upper floor of the Gloriette. This was a rebuilt section of the original castle from the days of the Norman conquest, or so she had been told. It was completely surrounded by a moat but connected to the main castle.


The castle proper included a huge Bailey, sections referred to as the New Castle and the Maiden’s Tower as well as other smaller structures.

This is Welson Castle.


The Gloriette is connected to the main castle by an upper and lower causeway or bridge. Her windows, from the various rooms of her suite looked out over the moat. There is an open, comfortable common area that she thinks of as a living room or a place to entertain. There is a large, comfortable bed chamber with a dressing room and huge bathroom.


Connected to the bedroom is the sitting room with large, overstuffed chairs and matching ottomans, a fireplace and a view back toward the main castle. This Aubrey's favorite room, a place to go when she wants to relax. Besides the comfy chairs that room also sports several shelves of books of all types and an odd little internal garden.

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